About Bitkumo

Bitkumo is a relatively new hosting provider, we are a small company with three employees. Every member of the Bitkumo team has experience in the hosting industry. We know what the big companies are like and we want to provide you with a good alternative to the big guys.

Our primary goal is to offer you a great hosting experience that is truly a la carte. To simplify pricing, most larger cloud hosting companies have a flat fee per month for their services this includes platform support and generic "How do I?" support. That is great if you need help setting up your virtual machine, but not great if you are a seasoned admin who knows how to set up virtual hosts with your hands tied behind your back. That is why we are doing away with the baked in support price and passing that cost reduction on to you. In the future we intend to provide more a la carte pricing options including addon resources, managed support options and much more.

We hope you will enjoy the services we provide. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to say hello at hello@bitkumo.com - we are always happy to hear from you.