Bitkumo's $5 Plan

Bitkumo launched two months ago this Sunday (12/21). To mark this occasion we decided we want to do something for you, our loyal customers.

Bit 1GB plan is now only $5/month ($50/year)

Effective today, February 17th, all new machines created on the Bit 1GB plan will cost only $5 per month. This pricing will remain in effect for as long as you keep your Bitkumo VPS. There are no limits or anythin funky like that. We are also extending this offer to annual plans, making a 1GB Bitkumo VPS only $50 for the entire year.

We are very proud to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry by cutting out the expensive support costs that are usually rolled in with VPS and cloud server pricing. All of our hardware is SSD backed and just as performant as the other providers you may know.

Looking for 0% nonsense cloud hosting? Get started in the Bitkumo Cloud Today!