Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions we have been asked (or ones we think our customers might ask). If you have a question not on this list feel free to reach out to us.

General Questions

Why doesn't Bitkumo offer support?

It is expensive to provide good support to customers. To provide support, most providers bake extra cost into their plan prices making everybody pay more for their services. Not everybody needs support though, so if you are a capable systems administrator you pay to subsidize the support for people who have no idea how to configure their system, need help with Apache or other system administration related questions. We decided that isn't right. If you don't need support you shouldn't have to pay for it, so we got rid of the support team and made our prices 20% cheaper than bigger competitors.

What if there is a problem with Bitkumo's infrastructure?

We back our infrastructure 100% so feel free to email us with details if you suspect there is a problem with our infrastructure.

What if I need help with administrative tasks?

Honestly your best resource is Google. If you want to know how to setup Apache search "How do I set up Apache?" in Google. If you need more help than that you might want to try asking the Bitkumo community. Before you ask the community, please be sure to provide as much detail about the problem you are having as possible. If you ask "How do I setup Apache?" you probably won't get a favorable response as this query is better directed to Google. Rather, ask detailed, specific questions and you'll likely get good answers.

Can you please add {insert feature}?

In short, probably, but we can't make any promises! Let us know what features you would like to see and we'll do our best to make them happen.

Technology Questions

What virtualization technology do you use?

Our virtual machines are virtualized using KVM.

Do you support Windows?

In theory there is nothing preventing you from running Windows on KVM, however our platform does not support windows at this time.

What software do you use for your panel?

Our panel is provided by Virtkick.

What sort of uplink do your hosts have?

Our hosts have 1Gbps uplinks, though this is shared with other virtual machines on the host so you can't expect to see a full 1Gbps in a real world scenario.

What kind of hardware do you use?

Our fleet currently consists of machines with a Xeon D-1520 processor, 64GB of RAM and 4x800GB SSDs in RAID 5.

Do you own your hardware?

No, we do not currently own our hardware. We use dedicated servers from OVH.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in OVH's BHS 5 datacenter (located just outside of Montreal, Canada).

Billing Questions

When does billing occur?

Billing will occur one month from when you created your machine. If you created it on December 12th, you can expect to be billed on or around January 12th.

What happens if I delete my machine?

Your subscription will remain on your account enabling you to create a new machine. Please note the subscription will continue ticking down until a new machine is created. For example, if you create a machine on the 1st, delete it on the 10th, and create another using that subscription on the 15th, you would be charged for that machine in 15 days.

Does Bitkumo offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds, you are welcome to use pending subscriptions and cancel them before your renewal date however.

What does my invoice mention Virtkick?

Virtkick is listed on the invoice because they ultimately handle billing for us. This is a legal requirement that allows Bitkumo to sell services in Europe as well as in the United States. Fear not, you are paying for a Bitkumo machine though!

Why am I billed $8 for the Bit 512MB plan?

We have a minimum charge of $5.00 so if you purchase a plan that is below that minimum charge you will be billed for two months at a time ($8.00 for Bit 512MB). We realize this isn't ideal but credit card processing fees are expensive - this helps us keep flat fees to a minimum. Sorry for the hassle!

What if I have another billing related question that isn't covered here?

Please reach out to us via email.